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Our first half-hour session has been released and entirely focuses on listening to the silence within to facilitate the connection with the 'divine' and, exploring the need to love our selves more as a primary psychic motion to set forward the drive for planetary peace.

This script of this session is inspired by a ceremony, floating in the 'womb universe', searching for the Stillness of the Mind and finally experiencing the Oneness.


For those who are not enough familiar with our dire international world affairs, we'd recommend watching our videos materials bridging the material and metaphysical realms and help make sense of the odds we're faced with as a civilization. Our philosophy advocates for degrowing the world economy, live simpler while intensively recycling everything, and this until we are ready to operate the shift toward a money-free planet.

One of the biggest illusions that we entertain is to think that we can battle our way to defeat the opponent. It is the integrity that must win as the Universe is made of immutable truths. Peace and learning to co-exist are absolutely essential. We definitely recommend our mini-doc "The Fractal Science Of Empathy" here below.

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You ARE Creation!

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You are now part of the solution and your dream about a healthier planet in now encoded in your DNA. You are now part of the solution... and speak in the name of all creative principles. You ARE Creation.

Meeting With Spirit Guides

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Your spirit guides have been waiting a long time to make this kind of contact. When they meet face to face they prefer using their 3rd eye to communicate. You also can speak through your 3rd eye if you wish...

The Only Hope For Humankind Is The Transformation Of The Individual -- To Understand The Immesurable, The Mind Must Be Extraordinarly Quiet -- Jiddu Krishnamurti

VIDEO: The Fractal Science Of Emapthy

Understanding fractals may be key to attain world peace

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About The Global Meditation Center:

In the weeks ahead we will outline the stance as to why it is an absolute necessity to merge science and spirituality, and why this vital step will guide us through the reform of society enhanced by the deep comprehension of Natural laws.


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